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There are many reasons why children love dogs. Aside from being cuddly and cute, they are also very loyal and playful, which most kids like. However, not many parents know that these lovely little beasts can benefit their child’s physical and psychological development.

Here are some of the right reasons why you need to let your dogs and children grow up together.

1. The healthier, the merrier

Research shows that having dogs as pets will make your little ones exposed to the microbes they carry, and this prevents them from getting sick during their early years. Along with that, it will also lessen the risk of allergies, which means that it will be fewer doctor appointments for you.

You’ll be free from the hassle of visiting doctors often and fewer medicines to buy for your kids.

2. No to the sedentary lifestyle

Dogs are known to be active and playful. It makes pet owners, mostly kids, play a lot compared to those who don’t have dogs as pets. Aside from that, having dogs at home requires daily physical activities such as walking and running, which adds up to 11 minutes of exercise a day.

The funny thing is, those cute little dog eyes will make you feel the need to do these activities even though you’re not in the mood for them.

3. A loyal friend and companion

Having a dog as a kid is like having a friend who will never leave your side because they are always there. The playfulness of a dog can be a great source of comfort for your little one – especially when they feel that their skies have turned grey because of some circumstances.

Also, a lot of studies have proven that cuddling with your pet dog is a great stress reliever and that it can actually help you relax – plus, your little ones can always turn to their pets.

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4. A happier childhood

One of the best reasons for having your dog grow up with your kid is that playing with them will make your little ones happy, and they make everyone have a lot of fun. Studies have proven that happy hormones called serotonin and dopamine increase whenever you cuddle and play with your pets, and these brighten anyone’s day.

Only having a pet dog that becomes a part of your family is one of the best things in life, and it helps your kid enjoy their childhood.

5. Be the responsible kid

Aside from the fact that dogs make everyone happy, another great reason to have dogs around your home is that they will develop in you and your kid a sense of responsibility. Dogs are like humans too.

They need food, shelter, good hygiene, daily walks, and vaccines, which means you need to feed them, bathe them, walk them, and clothe them if you like. You should also bring them to pet clinics at least once a month. When your kids get attached to their cute pets, they would feel the need to take care of them daily.

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