If you want to dine with dogs, you can always go to some special dog cafés where a pack of adorable pups is waiting for you.

But what if you want to dine with your pet? Where can you get exciting treats for them that aren’t the typical dog food? Well, here are six of the best places which offer secret menus, custom-made for your doggies.

Shake Shack’s Pooch-ini

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While you buy your favorite milkshake at Shake Shack, do add their Pooch-ini to your takeaways for your pups waiting at home. The meal is custom-made to include vanilla custard and peanut butter sauce on top of their favorite dog biscuits.

Starbuck’s Puppuccino

Who says your dogs can’t enjoy Starbucks as much as you do? This coffee shop offers a special treat for pups called Puppucinno, a tiny cup full of whipped cream.

Just remember not to make it a daily habit as you know how sweet and fatty whipped cream is.

In-N-Out’s Pup Patty

Staying in California is a waste if you have never dined at In-N-Out. Their Double Double is incredibly a must-try!

And of course, if you have a burger, what can you get for your pet? Well, you would be surprised that at In-N-Out, your dogs can have some burgers too! Order your canines the plain, no-salt Pup Patty that they can enjoy while chilling with you on the patio.

Sprinkle’s Doggy Cupcakes

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Sprinkle is your go-to place for heavenly cupcakes. And thanks to their custom-made doggy cupcakes, your pups can now enjoy a sugar-free, yogurt-frosted one all to themselves!

Johnny Rockets’ Dog Burger

While enjoying your burger at Johnny Rockets with your pet, you can request for a dog burger for your fur baby too. The crew will be delighted to oblige.

One can never deny how much Johnny Rockets loves the dogs. A branch (Victoria Garden branch in Southern California) went above and beyond to create a special menu for dogs together with a local dog bakery.

Dairy Queen’s Pup Cup

A soft serve topped with delicious doggie treat will make you pups wag their tails in delight. Thanks to Dairy Queen’s Pup Cup, you and your fur buddy can now enjoy DQ’s ice creams all day long.

Although all of the doggy treats above may seem harmless for your pups, always consult the vet first before trying something new.


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