Some random pedestrians see a dog locked inside a cage at a carpool pickup area in Nieuwegein, Netherlands. Rightfully so, it shocks and concerns them about the welfare of the animal. It’s possible someone may have left the dog there, thinking that other people will come and rescue her.

The strangers contact the police and ask for assistance. It surprises the police also when hearing the details of the abandoned pup. She looks like she’s waiting for someone to free her from the cage.

The pooch shows her gratefulness when the officers finally unlock the cage. She smiles at her rescuers and gives them some enthusiastic puppy jumps. And, despite being left alone inside a cage, she still seems to trust people, especially those presently helping her.

The happy dog is taken to a nearby shelter. The staff discovers that the dog is a two-year-old, German Shepherd mix pup. Unfortunately, they did not find a microchip. So, there was no way to know who owns the dog.

The shelter staff still couldn’t imagine how someone could abandon their pet. The pup was such a sweet and adorable pooch, so they couldn’t understand why it was le in the first place.

According to the Nieuwegein Police Department, they are doing everything they can to locate the pup’s former owner. However, they did receive some information which might help them solve the pup’s case.

The rescue story eventually reaches the internet, and a lot of people are getting angry with what the dog’s former owner did. But, the police officers reminded everyone that they need to calm down. What’s important is that the dog is now in safe hands.

Fortunately, kind-hearted people rescued the dog. Now, she can have another chance to live a better life. She can find a new family who will provide her with all the love that she deserves.

Thank you to Politie Nieuwegein for this significant update.


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