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Everyone in this world needs genuine care, love, and affection from others. No one can live alone, no matter how rich or famous they are. There are always times when we all need to talk to someone. For instants, to share our hopes and dreams with and someone we can trust to stay with us through thick and thin.

For animals, they rely on each other so they can survive. They also count on humans to protect them from abuse and neglect. However, not all people clearly understand the value of animal rights and welfare. Sad to say, some selfish people do not care about an animal’s feelings.

An English Pointer named Nora is one of those needful pets who have experienced terrible abuse and maltreatment from humans. Nora’s former owners have abused and hurt her so much to the point that she fears the presence of humans. The poor pooch used to be physically beaten, starved, and clearly neglected.

It’s evident that Nora finds it very hard to trust people. Whenever there’s a human near her, she will immediately hesitate, will incessantly yelp, and gets distracted. However, probably due to Nora’s innate character of being calm, loving, and kind, it is still clear that she can change her behavior towards humans.

Elizabeth, Nora’s foster mom, attests that Nora still shows signs of fear with humans. However, her behavior changes when she is with her youngest son, Archie. Archie is relaxed, easy-going, and even-tempered compared to his siblings. These characteristics could be the reason why Nora also seems to be more comfortable with him.

Elizabeth is glad that all her kids are already showing real concern for animals despite their young age. She and her husband want to make sure their kids will grow up with care and love for animals. For Nora, who has experienced an unpleasant situation in the past, it is a good start. Fortunately, she is slowly learning to trust people, even someone as young as Archie.

Credits to Elizabeth Spence


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