Animal lovers often love having simple conversations with their pets. It’s a common practice, especially to those who receive adorable responses from their pets.

Dogs love reacting to their owners. Some pups sing along with their owners by howling some notes. And some respond with a subtle growl or a whimper if they don’t agree with their owner’s words or actions.

Some give their owners “puppy eyes” whenever they want to request for treats or their favorite toys. This little pup, owned by Sean Sarantos, has one of the cutest reactions while interacting with his human. Check out this heartwarming and playful conversation in this cute video:

Sarantos tried having a simple conversation with his pet dog. He started giving him compliments about his red bandana. Look how the adorable pup reacted when Sarantos called him handsome.

This overloaded cuteness got netizens overwhelmed with joy and laughter. Everyone wants to pick him up, cuddle with him, or give him a belly rub.

The adorable French bulldog pup earned a lot of positive responses from various “fans.” Someone even commented that it’s a relief to see other pet owners talk with their pets. Maybe, it’s normal for people to have some conversation with their pets, especially after a very long day.

The French bulldog’s reaction was so priceless. It looks like the pup is too embarrassed to accept its owner’s compliments. Some commenters tried to guess what the pooch was thinking.

Some said that the puppy might have wanted to tell his owner that he doesn’t want to look cute or handsome. He wants to appear tough. Someone also mentioned that the pup’s snort means that he agrees with what his owner says to him.

Some commenters also couldn’t resist but comment that the owner is cute as well. Just like the tiny pup, Sarantos received a lot of lovely comments.

Big thanks to DailyPicksandFlicks for sharing this beautiful video!


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