There are times when some dogs form unique bonds with other animal species. For instance, a gentle canine who become best friends with a cat. Or a dog that creates a close relationship with a farm animal. In fact, this is what happens in the story of a lovable dog building a unique friendship with a duck and becoming best pals.

Meet Vendetta, the German Shepherd and Lemony an Indian Runner duck. Natacha, an 18-year-old avid photographer, is the owner of the inseparable and adorable pair. She manages to capture the unlikely but sweet friendship of the two through the lens of her camera.

Her photos attract the public’s attention while at the same time warming people’s hearts. The dog and duck spend many hours going on various adventures or doing mundane activities. Here are some of their beautiful photos:


Natacha already owned Vendetta before Lemony joined their family last June 2018. Vendetta was already very friendly with other people and other animals. That’s why Natacha didn’t hesitate to bring the two closer to each other.

It was a bit surprising, but Lemony didn’t look scared around Vendetta at all. The adorable duck wanted to follow Vendetta anywhere he goes.

The two seemed destined to become best friends. When they visit forests, Vendetta likes to swim in the lakes and Lemony joins him for a paddle.

The two pals love exploring various places. They love cuddling up, walking around and playing together. Natacha says the reason for her sharing the photos is to highlight the unlikely pair’s genuine friendship. Also, to show that ducks can be great pets too.

Here are some other adorable photos of Vendetta and Lemony. They look so sweet! Just check out how they love staying so close together!

Hopefully, pet owners remain open about letting their dogs be with other animals. Who knows? The dogs will form a unique bond just like Vendetta and his best pal, Lemony.

Thank you to Xuamina – Animal Photographer for sharing these adorable and heartwarming photos of Vendetta and Lemony.


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