If there is one activity that most dogs enjoy doing, it is merely digging in the ground. This digging is why it came as no surprise to Kirk Lacewell that his dog keeps on doing it. But little did Kirk know that because of this hole digging habit of his dog, the 8-month-old pup is to make headline news later.

Kirk named his yellow Labrador pooch Scout. We all know that Labs have oozing energy. Scout channels his excess energy by digging up the soil in their backyard. Kirk understands that Scout is a ridiculous dog. But he did not expect that Scout’s digging will result in an incredible discovery.

One day, Scout proceeded with his usual digging up the soil. Soon enough, the dog digs up what looks like a rock. Unsure of what it is, Scout carries it around and plays with it as it’s what he usually does with things he digs up.

At first, Kirk doesn’t mind the material his dog dug up. It was only after two days that Kirk finally takes a closer look at it. He thought that it was a pure rock, but its shape is somewhat stranger. As Kirk takes even a closer look at the thing, the dog owner notices that the object looks like a bone. He says he hasn’t seen this kind of material before.

Kirk knew that it was something special, so he sent the material to his friend, who is working as a scientist at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum. When his friend responds to him, Kirk learns that Scout dug a rare woolly mammoth tooth. It is believed to be 13,000 years old and is from the Ice Age.

After reading the reply, Kirk could not believe what they had just discovered. Since the woolly mammoth tooth is rare, Kirk plans on keeping it for further studies. Who knows, maybe there’s fortune and fame in the future to finish the story.

Credits to KRQE.


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