Canines with rough past experiences usually shy away from humans no matter how friendly and gentle they are. That is why when this Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue found his way to his supposed foster dad, he typically spends his day alone in the bedroom and only comes out for dinner or walks.

Buster was ten years old when Sean Farrell fostered him, but the moment of Sean’s introduction to the terrier, he knew that it was a dog worth keeping. He eventually adopted Buster and started to work on earning his trust. At first, it was not easy to break his walls, but after some time, Buster’s behavior improved.

Soon enough, the terrier started working as a therapy dog for patients in the brain injury rehabilitation clinic. Buster even acts as a shopping buddy for individuals with low social skills. But Sean knew that although Buster is showing signs of improvement, it is still imperative that the canine enjoys his privacy inside their home.

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To accomplish this, Sean decided to make him a mini “boudoir” right in the comforts of his living room. He has no professional expertise in carpentry and only his will to push him through. The dog house took Sean fours days and more than $100 to finish. Every photo update he shares on Facebook earns him thousands of likes and shares. Dog lovers across the world sure love his work of art.

The entire boudoir personalization is for Buster. The exterior matches the interior of Sean’s living room with a neat ‘Imagine being a monkey’ sign in front. Sean mentioned that the quote is the first line of Buster’s favorite lullaby. The inside of the dog house has a comfy bed where the pooch fits perfectly and has a mini TV too.

Upon finishing the dog house, it was apparent how Buster was excited about his new space. He immediately ran inside his room and slumped on his bed.

Watch how adorable his little space is here.

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