Dog training may seem easy when watching a skilled professional trainer do it. But once you start doing it on your own, it does not feel simple at all. If you do intend to train your dog or become a professional dog trainer, take note of the most common training reminders to succeed in this task.

The traditional style of dog training primarily uses penalties to drive out bad behavior. The only problem with this method is the adverse effect on the dog if you don’t know about your dog’s puppyhood. It may result in long-term psychological effect like fear.

Reward system for training dogs should be high in quality during the learning period. Food, toys or praises are good when he does well in training. Just make it pleasing by giving him a strong payoff liked home-baked goodies.

When you give rewards, make sure you give the award right after the dog performs the proper behavior to assure a better chance of them understanding the reason for the prize. Avoid giving your dogs punishment. They may respond through aggression and might result in fear.

During training, always take into consideration the natural behavior of the dog. Different breeds have different talents and capacities. Make a brief study of your dog’s breed before training.

Be consistent. Avoid confusing the dog by having double standards. It means that if you restricted the dog from doing something, be firm with your order and do not let the complaining or whining change your decision.

Make a regular length of training. Not too short or too long depending on your mood. It means do not bore the dog with a short 5-minute practice, or an exhausting a 15-minute training. Again, be consistent.

You are choosing the wrong training conditions. Sometimes training gets out of sync because of location distractions. Look for training location options and wish the best that will make them focus more on you and your lesson.

As your dog slowly progresses, gradually eliminate the use of food and toys as rewards. Give them praises like “good job” and caresses for being a good pet. Encouragement through action and words are more valuable than physical rewards which you can still use on occasions.

Do not repeat word instructions. The best trainer can train a dog by using body language. Words are only secondary. So if he does not respond to orders like “sit,” don’t think that repeating it will make him learn. No, it will not. He does not understand the words. He follows the action.

Follow a regular training schedule. Usually, owners who train their dogs are excited at the onset then suddenly fade. Training then becomes a rare occasion. Thus your dogs have not learned much.

Use one kind of style in training dogs and stick with it. Changing training styles will only confuse your dog.

Do not stop training, even when he successfully knows everything you taught him. You will still need to refresh his mind when training situations are not followed from time to time.

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