Getting up from a sound sleep at a moment’s notice is now routine for Jack and his wife. The new father shares the duties of taking care of their newborn baby. However, he immediately realizes that something is different this time when his wife jolts him awake at four in the morning.

Jack recalls that while he’s peacefully sleeping, his wife shakes him continually until he’s out of the bed. At first, she reassures him that the baby is alright. Incredibly, she then tells him that there’s a stray puppy inside their home.

So an interesting thing happened this morning and now I have a new dog.

Posted by Jack Jokinen on Saturday, December 14, 2019

Being a little groggy from sleep, Jack is confused because he’s not sure if he heard his wife right. He wonders how there can be a dog inside their house after locking all the doors before going to bed. Jack gets out of bed and goes downstairs to check if what his wife says is true.

As soon as he reaches their living room, he spots a small Labrador mix sitting on their couch. Jack knows that he shut all the doors and windows because of the storm happening outside. However, Jack can’t imagine how the stray pooch managed to sneak into their home unnoticed.

Jack initially thinks that a burglar may be in their home, so he searches cautiously for any unknown intruders. Also, he then checks if someone is hiding in the closets. Thankfully, he finds that there aren’t any.

So, Jack checks their front door video security footage. He sees himself returning home with George, their two-year-old dog out for a quick evening walk. He watches himself close the front door, but it doesn’t latch properly. Ah-ha, the mystery solved.

After close inspection, Jack and his wife see the sick and cold condition of the dog, so the compassionate couple decides to adopt the dog altogether. The couple names the new dog, Suzy. Furthermore, making sure that she is warm, comfortable, and safe in their home from now on.

Source: Jack Jokinen via Facebook


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