This story is about the rescue of a chained dog from her confinement. Unfortunately, this miserable situation goes on for ten years. Also, the pitiful animal mistreatment is in full view for anyone to see right in front of the house. Finally, the next-door neighbors decide to help the dog and take action.

They call rescuers and report the dog’s predicament. The neighbors say that the owners do not treat the dog well, and occasionally urinate on the animal. They also tell the rescuers that the owners don’t provide her with a warm sleeping place. So, rescuers immediately go to the dog’s address.

There, they see her sleeping on cold mud. Snow is falling, and there’s no adequate shelter for the dog. The animal has dehydration and is at the point of starvation. When they begin taking her, they see that she is not capable of walking properly. Furthermore, her fur is severely matted on her legs and tail.

The rescuers immediately rushed the dog to a vet. They know she needs medical help as soon as possible. Also, rescuers find out that she is suffering from arthritic hips. While there they shave off her matted fur so she can start walking well again. They also treat her for all of the medical conditions that she is suffering.

After that, the dog starts wagging her tail and looking quite happy to be free. The dog also has a much-needed bath. She doesn’t like it that well, but she seems nice after she is clean. The staff also give her a warm bed where she can get a sound and comfortable sleep, which she hadn’t experienced in years.

Her rescuers thought that it would be nice to give her a party to symbolize her new life. During the party, two guests attending fall in love with her. They know that this dog is the one that they would be taking home and so they did. Now named Judith, she now has a happy family and a warm bed at home.

Source: AnimalAdvocates


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