A Serbian man is touching hearts around the world with the work he’s doing through his animal shelter. Sasha Pesic opened his haven, called Sasha’s Shelter, in 2008. Since then, Sasha has rescued over a thousand dogs off the streets of Serbia and given them a new life.

For twelve years, Sasha has been working tirelessly to rescue more than a thousand dogs around Niš, Serbia. Most of the dogs have been surviving in some of the worst living conditions seen. Many of the dogs have suffered from abuse and neglect, and have been left on the streets to survive or die.

Dogs are one of Sasha’s greatest loves. He said many of his rescued dogs arrive with broken bones, health problems, trust issues, and minimal will to live. But, despite facing enormous odds, most of the dogs make a turn for the better. Sasha and his staff work around the clock to ensure their dogs recover and rehabilitate.

Since its inception, Sasha’s Shelter has helped find permanent homes for over 400 of the rescued dogs. The other 750 dogs are waiting for homes, and in the meantime, receive health care, food, and socialization. Sasha’s Shelter relies on donations from the public to keep it running.

With over 700 dogs, the costs are usually around $14,000 a month! Sasha has to house the dogs in two different shelters as there are so many. Incredibly, Sasha knows the name of every single one of the dogs under his care. The dogs receive over eight hours of outdoor playtime a day, which is an incredible undertaking.

Sasha said his idea all started when he rescued four puppies. At the time, Sasha just wanted to save the puppies and wasn’t thinking beyond that moment. Then, Sasha found another eight puppies. Soon, he found himself with over 60 abandoned puppies. He found a shed nearby, and that’s where the idea of Sasha’s Shelter came into being.

Credits: Sasha’s Shelter Facebook


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