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The remarkable story begins.

We never really consider the origin stories of our pets before we get them, do we? While this might be true, it is more likely because we can’t learn much about them. Same was the case for Walela Nehanda, owner of a Labradoodle named Louie.

The story is almost magical. It seems like an excerpt from a movie or something. During a casual walk in the park with Louie, Walela was a little worried when Louis stopped to stare at another doodle that was with his owner.“

A Chance Meeting.

Louie seemed pretty insistent on going to the dog. “It was unlike him, so I just went there to let Louie play with him for a while,” Walela said. She stopped to talk with the owner while she allowed Louie to meet his friend (because that’s what she supposed they were).


The Moment of realization.

As she talked with the owner about the dog, she found out that they both had got the dogs from the same breeders. Upon discussing a little more, they realized the dogs were from the same mother. The two of them were in awe of this discovery.

She’s Saves and shares the story.

The moment caught Walela’s eyes, so she took a photo of the two long-lost brothers and posted it to social media via Twitter. You can certainly not write stories like this.  And it is also heartwarming that social media showed Louie and his brother the love they deserved.

Growing Popularity.

The two dogs have become internet darlings. Walala is continuing to enjoy plenty of appreciation for sharing the experience with the world. It was not long until other people shared their similar stories too.

Now the internet has shown an equal amount of love for all of them. And rightly so, we believe. While we enjoy our lives with our dogs and make them a part of our family, we sometimes forget that they have biological families also.

We like to believe people will start realizing that they should be more aware of their dogs’ origins, which can result in their pets staying more connected with their puppyhood siblings. And that is undoubtedly a good thing for the relationship between the owners and their dogs.

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