More than being a star player for his American football team, Myles Garrett is also a proud dog papa. His activities with his dog Gohan are getting enough traction online. Just like any other fur parent, Garrett only wants nothing but the best for his pooch.

Garrett wants Gohan to have as many fur friends as possible. This idea for more playmates is why the Cleveland Browns’ defensive lineman organized a public puppy playdate at the Canine Meadow in Ohio. Garrett announced this gathering of dogs through his Twitter account.

In the post, the athlete made known where the location is. He also clarified that the event is for the dogs and not his meet and greet. He reiterated that there should not be a signing of autographs because he wants the limelight focusing on all the dogs.

During the playdate, many dogs attended. Gohan showed excitement in playing with other pooches. Garrett was successful with his event because Gohan was able to meet new fur friends.

The football superstar vowed to continue this kind of tradition. He wants to hold such activities at least once a month so that other dogs can also join. According to him, this will pave the way for more dogs to be friends with each other in the vicinity.

In the meantime, Garrett urged his fellow dog lovers to invite other dog parents to join the monthly activity. According to the athlete, it is a perfect venue for dogs to have fun and build a good relationship with each other.

For his part, Garrett set up an Instagram page for his dog, Gohan. According to Garrett, he wants to show the world how amazing the dog is. Garrett posts photos and videos of their activities together. Gohan joins Garrett in his games and is the athlete’s number one supporter. The dog currently has around 15,300 followers on Instagram.

Credits to Myles Garrett.


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