The 13.1-mile marathon in Elkmont, Alabama, is a tough one. It tests the runners’ determination and endurance on completing the entire race.

However, for one of the runners of this race, it wasn’t that hard at all. She seemed to have enjoyed the entire course. Meet Ludivine, an adorable hound dog who became the 7th place finisher of the first ever half marathon in Elkmont.

Ludivine got caught up in the moment joining the marathon and officials rewarded for her efforts. The owner was not even aware that her pup had run off for a little adventure of her own.

April Hamlin, Ludivine’s’ fur mom, had no idea at all what her pup was doing at that time. She had only let her out for a potty and was utterly unaware of what was happening at that moment. Eventually, her friends and neighbors who participated in the competition informed her dog’s shenanigans.

They sent here photos of Ludivine’s achievement via text messages. Conveniently, Elkmont is composed of roughly only 400 residents, so they know each neighbor quite well. Most of them adore Ludivine because she is usually very friendly towards everyone.

The crowd of runners who happened to pass by might have stirred up the ever-social pup. It could be the reason why she decided to go with the flow and run along. Not only did the adventurous animal earned a medal, but she also won her fur moms pride.

April even commented that the idea of Ludivine joining a half marathon is something she could never have envisioned. She always considers her to be lazy and slacking most of the time. Now, her dog proved it otherwise, and she was still capable of doing more.

Additionally, April said that the story about Ludivine reaped a generous amount of extra attention. It was great for the marathon’s cause to raise more funds for kids who run cross country races.

Credit: Elkmont’s Hound Dog on Facebook


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