There’s a paranormal belief that alleges that dogs have the ability to see spirits and ghosts. This sounds very creepy to all dog lovers out there who cherish their favorite pets. Incidents reported by dog owners are creepy and suspicious.

This belief is not ancient, it’s still held by many people today. We thus intend to take a closer look at the matter and find out if it’s true. The Petside Poll was conducted by the GfK Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communications group. The poll interviewed 1,000 pet owners. The results of the poll found that 47% of the respondents were alerted of some looming danger by their dogs.

The warning signs and behaviors given by the dogs gave included; whimpering, whining, persistent barking, or some hyperactive behavior.  You’ve probably started getting anxious. But, we still don’t have any scientific evidence that proves that dogs have the ability to sense paranormal entities. According to Marti Miller, who is a pet psychologist, dogs and humans have the same sixth sense.

Miller also revealed that the difference between dogs and humans is the fact that humans tend to deny or judge their feelings. Contrary to humans, dogs don’t judge. They just react by feeling anxious or panting.

You’ve probably heard of cases where a dog was very busy howling desolately for hours only for a man in the estate to die. These cases are many and whether you consider them to be true or not does not change the fact that they’re enthralling anecdotes.

The most accurate and unbiased scientific answer that we can give to this query is that we just don’t know. According to an instructor at the University of Maryland, Jordan F. Slavik, science cannot disprove or prove such claims.

This notion has been in existence for a very long time. The Chinese and Egyptians also believed that animals are directly connected to the afterlife and the gods. Let’s just say maybe your dog has the ability to sense the supernatural. Why? Take a look at some of this signs and indicators that point to that presupposition.

Their Senses are Sharp

There are certain sounds, smells, and movements that dogs are able to notice. Some of this tend to escape our notice. Considering the range and field of vision, dogs can see wider than we can. They’re also able to see objects that are in motion.

Dogs are able to smell what we can’t

You always see dogs sniffing all over the place. There’s scientific evidence that indicates that dogs can smell up to 100,000 times stronger than humans. We can attribute this to dogs olfactory glands. This is why they can smell bombs, storms, and drugs.

Dogs Auditory Perception is superior

Dogs are able to perceive the world very vastly due to their superior auditory perception. They can hear sounds as high as 60,000 Hz. Humans can only hear up to 20,000 Hz. Watch how your dog tilts its ears around, you simply can’t do that.

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