Most dog owners just pick random names for their dogs and some pick based on some sentimental reason. However, there’s actually a better way to name your dog that serves a practical purpose depending on varying reasons.

A dog’s name serves multiple purposes, it’s not just about having something cute to call them. When you assign your dog a name you assign a call name, something to get their attention. Their registered name is a whole different story as well. But that’s not what this article is going to cover. Instead, let’s take a look at several factors to consider when assigning your dog a name.

The Environment

Consider where you are planning to take your dog often and consider your neighborhood as well. If you plan on taking frequent visits to the park if you’re living in an area populated with a lot of dogs, naming your dog with something common might not be the best thing to do. Imagine calling for max at the park only to have several dogs coming to you. I’m sure that’s something you don’t want to happen. In this situation, you want a dog with a unique name. You can get away with a more common name if you prefer a more private lifestyle, avoiding populated areas.

Family Member Names

It’s a funny idea to have your pet given a similar name to a relative or a friend. But aside from risking annoying your friends and family, this can cause a lot of confusion for your dog too. Consider avoiding naming your dog the same name as someone you constantly interact with. During events when you call your relative your dog might come rushing to you; they’ll be disappointed and obviously confused when they realize they’re not the one being called. This can also weaken your dog’s recall obedience since they might think they aren’t the one being called.

Your Dog’s Trait

Avoid naming your dog with a trait they have temporarily. As puppies they tend to be fluffy and cute, some breeds don’t grow retaining their fluff or features. When you name a puppy tiny and they happen to be a Doberman you risk having an ironic name. But if that’s what you’re aiming for cool.

Consider a name that’s more applicable for their grown stage, you’ll have less explaining to do when you call out to your dog and when others see it, they won’t raise their eyebrows.

Easy to Understand

It’s a temptation to name our dogs with something complicated. Unless you’re a tongue twister champion avoid names you’re going to have trouble pronouncing. Also, think about your friends and the people who will call your dog, you don’t want to give them an unnecessary annoyance. So think twice before naming your pet Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Another important consideration is avoiding names that are similar to commands, this will cause more confusion. You’re going to have a bad time naming a dog sit or stay or anything that sounds the same—something like Kit.

Think long and hard before naming your dog and be sure to train it frequently to answer your calls. You can reward them every time they respond to you calling their name, this is how you make them familiar with it.

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