People living in apartment complexes or buildings are the ones generally having contact with maintenance personnel occasionally. Usually, the reason is that something requires repairing in their apartment. So, if something needs repairs, an appointment is set with the renter for maintenance people to enter the apartment.

And, while these maintenance workers are doing the job, they see all the different ways people live. Usually, it’s nothing to write home about. However, this story is about a maintenance man seeing a disturbing site at a Georgia apartment that he can’t keep to himself. The man discovers a problem much worse than the job he’s there to fix.

He sees a severely malnourished Pitbull in the apartment that needs help. The workman knows that this is no way to treat an animal and calls the police department. The police tell him there’s nothing they can do because removing the dog would be breaking the law.

Not giving up, the worker calls the local animal control and informs them of the situation. But, all they could do is leave several notices on the door with no results. So, the maintenance man watches the abusive situation until he gets a lucky break. One early day while making his rounds, the worker sees the Pitbull in a little cage by the road.

The owner is abandoning the poor pooch. The workman feels so bad for the Pitbull but knows it’s his chance to help the starving dog. He removes the dog from confinement and drives to the not so near animal clinic over an hour away.

Cinnamon Koch, an animal clinic staffer quotes as saying to NBC11 Alive, “When he came up here he was crying, he was in tears, he was in disbelief!” Also, the vet there is heard saying, “This is the worst case I’ve ever seen, he’s so sweet and loving, all he wants to do is kiss you.”

The vet says the not only is the dog shockingly skinny, but his paws have burns on them. She continues to relate that although the dog is in horrible shape, he will survive.
And, it is due to the heroic actions of the caring maintenance man. The vet says that since no one knows the Pitbull’s name, she names him Mikey after his savior.

Some local little girls hear of Mikey’s rescue story and go to the animal clinic weekly, donating their allowances. The girls love visiting Mikey and helping out with his recovery.
Mikey’s weight at the time of his admittance is twenty-four pounds, only about one half the weight he should be.

The police say they know the person responsible but are not pressing charges because the investigation is still ongoing. We give a big THANK YOU to maintenance man Mikey for rescuing the pit bull Mikey for better days ahead! Please check out the video and see the precious dog Mikey for yourself:


Thanks to Newsner and NBC 11 Alive for the story

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