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Police dogs help law enforcement officers sometimes by actively enforcing the law with their human partners. However, since the job is often dangerous, the dogs sometimes suffer injuries. One of these unfortunate times happens to Orkhon, a dog with the K-9 officers unit. The dog is hit by a car while chasing a suspect in Florida.

The dog requires hospitalization as a result of the accident. The veterinarians say the pooch needs to recover from the injuries before he goes back to work. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s officers worry about his condition because the dog’s injuries are severe.

The police officers think the dog will no longer be able to continue to help them with their daily operations. But the K-9 is a fighter and will not go down without a fight. Unfortunately, being in the hospital isn’t new to the fearless Orkhon.

Earlier in his career as a police dog, Orkhon suffers injuries then too, when the burglars he chases fight back and beat him severely. The beating put him in a coma for some time in the hospital. Thankfully, Orkhon survives and returns to work.

The police officers hope that the K-9 survives yet another bump in his career as a police dog. True enough, the dog recuperates from the car injuries. Soon, he out again of the hospital and returns to train to regain his strength and momentum.

His pal, Sergeant Rich Aloy, is so proud of Orkhon because the pooch is a fighter. More than being a fighter, the K-9 is also friendly and easy to train. Rich says that he is thankful that the dog makes his job all the more enjoyable and comfortable. The police officer likewise adds that he will be more careful during operations so that Orkon will be safe.

Posted by Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office FL on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Credits to Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, FL.


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