The use of business cards is generally for promoting or selling products or services. Typically, dogs don’t have any use for this kind of card. Then again, Benji isn’t your ordinary dog.

This charming labrador encounters countless people in his daily visits as a therapy dog. His dad, Russell Teck, designed them and printed them out to be distributed to everyone Benji met. The business card includes some information about Benji and the inscription, “I hope my visit has brightened your day.”

For years, Benji visits those who need comfort and a reason to smile. He touches the lives of those in the local schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. Because of their dedication, Benji and his dad became familiar faces that most people will refer to them by name.

The patients of Monongahela Valley Hospital are especially fond of him. The moment Benji steps into the lobby, you will hear his name called out by several people at once. He is incredibly well-known, from the guards at the gate to the staff on the top floor.

Benji has a unique ability to lift the spirits of those feeling low. His gentle and calming presence helps make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Remarkably, many of those the dog visits still remember him even after several years passing.

Some keep Benji’s card on the door of their fridge or safe in their wallets. Whenever Benji and Russell go out, random people sometimes greet them, relating how Benji once helped them at one point in their lives.

Russell feels blessed to be part of Benji’s journey as a therapy dog. He marvels at how his beloved dog touches people’s lives and helps ease the burden they carry every day. The dog helped them find their purpose in life, and it’s something he will never give up for anything in this world.

Photos courtesy of dee but make it spoopy via Twitter and Benji the Therapy Dog via Facebook


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