When Ann, an eighty-year-old grandmother loses her precious Terrier, she is so heartbroken. She starts sharing photos and videos of rescue puppies on her Facebook account.

After some time, Ann’s son, Charlie, and his wife realize what she is doing. Ann is sharing all those images because she is lonely and looking for a new dog to adopt. Immediately, the couple secretly decides to help Ann find the perfect companion for her.

Charlie and his wife have a pet pug whom Ann adores so much. So with this in mind, they decide to get her a pug of her own as well. When they find an adorable little puppy whom they believe is the perfect fit for Ann, they plan to surprise her.

When Charlie and his wife arrive at Ann’s home, they make Ann close her eyes. After she closes her eyes, Charlie hands the pug to Ann. Furthermore, Ann’s daughter-in-law records the sweet encounter between the two.


Ann’s daughter-in-law asks her if she loves her new puppy. Even though Ann is in complete shock, all she manages to say is if the dog is hers. While sitting, Ann stomps her legs in excitement, and could not help, but give the little puppy some back rubs.

When Ann asks what the breed of the dog is, Ann’s daughter-in-law answers that it is a pug. She could not believe that her family surprised her with a pug as precious as the one that she is holding. The puppy, whom she names Daisie, rests comfortably on Ann’s chest.

After a few seconds into the video, Ann slowly starts crying happy tears as soon as she realizes that she would get to keep her little Daisie. She embraces the puppy as if there was no tomorrow.

True enough, her priceless reaction shows how much she adores dogs, particularly, the pug that she is holding. Ann is now happy again to spend her days with her new best friend, holding Miss Daisie!

Source: Julie Cecil via YouTube


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