The Daniels family of Monroe, Ohio are supporters of pit bulls. They believe that harmful myths surrounding these dogs turn many people against the breed. When, in fact, an owner’s disposition and behavior contributes to a lot of how dogs turn out.

Ember is the Daniels family’s second pit bull, adopted her from non-profit organization Adore-a-Bull in Cincinnati. The company rescues dogs from high-kill shelters and helps them find a new loving home.

Ember has always been close to their son, Tre. According to Tre’s dad, Tony, Ember and his son formed a bond right away from the beginning. She’s closer to Tre than to him, Tracy, or their daughter.

The lovable pooch even sleeps at the foot of Tre’s bed most nights, keeping the young man company. Fortunately, their closeness became vitally significant one eventful night.

It on a night the whole family were sleeping soundly. However, Tre’s mom Tracy, woke up to the sound of Ember coming into the room. The dog sits down close by their bed. She then starts making a low rumbling sound deep from within her throat.

Ember continues her sounds and wouldn’t stop trying to get her attention. This behavior prompted Tracy to get up to see what was the matter with her. Immediately, Ember begins to walk down the hallway and guide Tracy to the bathroom.

In there, she sees her son’s legs dangling from the side of the bathtub. She notices the upper half of his body lying on the bottom, and his head thrown backward.

The Daniels rushed their son to the hospital, and thankfully, all his labs came back normal. When he returned home, the ever-loyal Ember did not leave his side while he was recovering. Tre surmises that he must have fallen into the tub.

“My head was going back and forth,” he says. He had suffered a seizure. Tacy and Tony are incredibly grateful for having met Ember and Adore-a-Bull. If not for Ember they said there’s no telling if they would’ve awakened to find Tre having the seizure.

According to Libby Power, speaking for Adore-a-Bull, “it’s a very proud moment” not only for their organization but also for Ember, who had once been a neglected dog.

Watch Ember and Tre’s friendship in the video below:

Source: LOCAL 12 on YouTube


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