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It is not every day that you get to see dogs getting a police escort. But you will see so in this video. These two dogs seem to be friends, and they have decided to go out on a stroll by themselves. As we all know, dogs are curious and quite the explorers.

And, it would not be surprising to see them going just about anywhere they choose to go. In the video, you will see the pair walking right down the middle of a lane. Furthermore, right behind them is a police car, following them at a leisurely pace. It appears the cruiser is carefully pacing the dogs on the road.

Admittedly, it’s to make sure that the pups are doing well and that no harm comes to them in any way. They are in the middle of the road, and this means that the pair can potentially be in danger at any time. Although in the video, you would see that the road is not that busy, you would never know when a car would come running.

It is a good thing that the police officer in the car has decided to follow the carefree dogs and make sure that they are safe. It’s not clear in the video where the dogs are heading. Perhaps to find an excellent spot to lie down, or maybe they are on their way home. The video does not say.

The amusing incident happened on the morning of last Easter Sunday. A driver in the opposite lane of the road recorded the short clip from his car located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. 

As the person recording the video said, “That’s beautiful,” we could not help but agree. Beautiful indeed it is. And thank you to the police officer who decided to keep them safe.

Thanks to ViralHog.


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