Prince the pit bull is a nervous pooch when he first arrives at an animal shelter in New York. However, he now is the darling of the shelter staff, and Prince can’t get enough of their love and affection.

Prince used to have a place he could call home, but his owner soon found himself unable to care for the pit bull. So, he gives his girlfriend the dog hoping she will look after him. Then one day, the girlfriend is out walking Prince when he brakes free from his collar and runs away. Eventually, the pit bull ends up at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

Their staff phones the dog’s new owner, and she promises to drop by to pick him up. However, she never came for Prince. Unfortunately, Prince, who was two years old by that time, is understandably nervous in the new environment. Prince is rightfully wary of the place, or maybe he doesn’t like being surrounded by so many unfamiliar faces.

Furthermore, the dog copes by curling into a ball at the back of his kennel, basically shutting the world out. The shelter staff knew they had to be patient and gentle with Prince, so he would eventually learn to trust them.

An accidental discovery helped them get through to the dog. One employee was cuddling with Prince just before they went home. When the canine jumped on his bed, the employee tucked him in with a blanket. He looked so happy!

When the rest of the shelter staff learned of this, they took turns going into Prince’s kennel every night to give him belly rubs and then tuck him into bed. Soon, the pit bull couldn’t fall asleep without a warm blanket snugly wrapped around him.

Prince began to enjoy spending time with his beloved humans, getting lots of cuddles and scratches from them. Once the pooch knows he can trust someone, his affection has no bounds.

But despite being such a lovely dog, Prince had difficulty finding a forever home. He was still a bit skittish around strangers, and he would give off a booming bark whenever visitors approached his kennel.

Luckily, the pit bull’s adorable quirk made the news and helped him get adopted by a family who knew just how sweet he is. Watch Prince with the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society staff here:

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube


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