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No soul is mortal, but there are several ways of preserving those treasured moments, and the concept of creating a replica of your dog is one of them. 

They say a dog is a mans best friend. They are the sole companion to a blind person, to assume the role of a navigator. Above all, the family dog treasured the most. It can be of any breed. If you have embraced the dog as early as a puppy, then its affinity with every member of the family starts to strengthen.

Taking a family photograph of your children has always been a part of family tradition. Pet dogs are also considered part of the family. It is more so these days that instead of photos of their pet, dog lovers are commemorating their beloved dogs by getting a replica in the form of a stuffed toy animal – a precise imitation of the dog.

The idea of creating a replica of your dog into a stuffed animal is gaining prominence and attention from the entire dog loving fraternity. Many people have different agendas and reasons. Morphing the concept into reality is a beacon and an unforgettable memoir to give eternal affinity for those who cannot bear the thought of detaching it from their lives.

There are a few organizations who are doing it. All you need to do is submit a few photographs of your dog for processing, and within no time they will deliver your own handmade ‘plushy’ or plush fabric replica of the dog. Many seem to agree the idea is charming, and the reason is umpteen.

Maybe it is not so odd to think of gifting a “replica of your dog” to a close family member who is joining the military, moving to another city, or leaving for school in another state. And on the other hand, it can serve as a parting gift for your grandchildren, niece or nephew who cannot have their very own dog.

However, there will always be dog lovers who have their way to memorialize their dog loss — or of even their living one in case of uneventful happenstance. To encapsulate the above, the concept of creating a replica of your dog will become an everlasting legacy to your dog

It can serve as a symbol of remembrance or a souvenir that you can give it out to your children who are parting from you and the dog. The distance could be far, but that replica will always make you or them realize its presence, associated memories and keep that family affinity intact.



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