In New York, the cutest little pup is saved from euthanasia and charms the internet with his adorable face. Meet Daliso, a puppy born prematurely with a cleft palate. Daliso is a rescue from euthanasia treatment, and his future is uncertain! The story begins with Craig and Virginie Fields, a couple co-owning a shelter, the New York Bully Crew.

One day, Craig and Virginie receive a phone call from a vet tech at a local hospital. The tech informs the Fields that a breeder came into the hospital looking to euthanize a puppy from his dog’s litter. They tell the couple the puppy has a cleft palate from birth. So, the tech asks the Fields if they would take the puppy at their rescue center.

The couple immediately said yes and say how surprised at how tiny Daliso is when seeing him. Virginie says she thinks the puppy looks like a gerbil! Usually, puppies born with cleft palates don’t have a high survival rate. This condition worries the Fields. At first, Craig and Virginie have to tube-feed the tiny puppy several times a day.

Neither Craig nor Virginie have no experience using a feeding tube. So, they are rightfully nervous at first. Daliso also needs an oxygen tank while he is sleeping. And, the puppy has a small limp and a creaky voice. The Fields continue looking after and becoming close to him as does the other dog named Earl Grey.

Daliso’s condition improves, and he no longer needs a feeding tube. As the puppy gets stronger, Craig and Virginie are not confident the puppy will grow bigger. The puppy’s ears, however, grow to an enormous size! They are so adorable! When Daliso’s video is released, the internet goes crazy over his cute ears. Check out his video below:

Credits: The Dodo YouTube


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