A mother never forgets her children. This statement is also true among dogs as this story will prove.

The story is about an abused rescued dog from a puppy mill who’s name is Nora. During the time the rescue took place, Nora was pregnant. When the rescuers found her, she appeared malnourished and miserable. Poor Nora spent her whole life in a cage just producing puppies for sale.

Nora had chain burns on her neck and was always fearful of everything.

Fortunately, the rescue changed everything for Nora. She gave birth again, and loving families adopted all her puppies that survived.

Elizabeth Spence and her family were on a lookout for a dog to adopt. They visited the organization who rescued Nora from the puppy mill. When they saw Nora, they decided to take her and give her a forever home where she will always have a family to love her.

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Elizabeth stated that when they initially tried petting Nora, she would show fear and just lay down on the floor. It’s as if someone’s hitting her.

Nora did remain sweet towards her family. And, she did show it by wanting to make her new family happy and return the kindness they showed her.

The Spences didn’t have any kids at the time they adopted Nora. However, they did have a dog and three cats. Nora adjusted well to their other pets.

And, when Elizabeth had kids, Nora also liked them as well. However, she did have a favorite. When Elizabeth gave birth to Archie, Nora fell in love with him. She would always lay down next to Archie. Even when Elizabeth was nursing Archie, Nora would sit and stare at Archie.

Just as when everything seemed perfect, Elizabeth received a call from the shelter. One of family’s that adopted one of Nora’s puppies returned the dog to the shelter. They stated that they’re moving overseas and there was no way they could take the dog with them.

Elizabeth didn’t think twice about it and went to meet Nora’s daughter, Remington at the shelter. She brought Nora with her for the meet, and they instantly bonded.

They saw Nora be a different dog. She just started jumping and running around with Remington. She does remember her daughter, and she acted like it.

The Spences decided to adopt Remington and Nora couldn’t be happier. A tragedy happened when Remington slipped off her leash and ran in front of a car. She was hurt and needed medical attention.

It was heartbreaking for the entire family to think that Nora was able to get reunited with one of her puppies only to be separated again forever.

Thankfully, Remington did recover and now lives a great life with the Spences. Archie now has two doggy best friends to cuddle together.

Here’s the heartwarming story of Nora and her reunion with her daughter, Remington after being separated for seven years.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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