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Cancer is a terrible disease that impacts a person’s life monumentally. This reality happens to Linda, who receives the news that she has stage 4 lung cancer. Incredibly, once learning of her condition, Linda cares more about the future welfare of her four dogs.

Linda owns four senior Chihuahuas. The oldest among the dogs is Scaredy, who is 16-year-old. The other three – Brewsy, Suzy, and Runty – are all 14-year-olds. With the reality of her cancer diagnosis weighing on her, Linda knows the difficultly of survival for her senior dogs is questionable.

As her condition worsens, Linda needs to vacate her Fort Lauderdale home. So, she transfers to her sister’s house in Rhode Island. The reason for this is that Linda is nearer to her hospital, where she receives her chemotherapy sessions.

Even though Linda knows that her time is already limited, she continues fighting for the sake of her dogs. Fortunately, she receives ample help from volunteers of the Rhode Island Rescue whenever she goes to chemotherapy sessions. The volunteers look after the pooches whenever she is not around.

This comforting fact gives Linda a glimmer of hope that someone will look after her beloved dogs after she’s gone. The volunteers tell Linda not to worry about her dogs and instead focus on her medications. She gladly takes the advice because she wants to live longer than her pets.

For Linda, she knows it will be hard for her dogs to live by themselves because of their advanced age. She wants to be by their side until the end. In short, Linda wants her dog to pass first before she can rest in peace.

Linda is surviving her chemotherapy sessions, and she is thankful for the help she gets from the volunteers of the animal shelter. All the Rescue’s generosity and the love of the precious dogs are enough for her to keep fighting the good fight.

This is Linda. She was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and has been going through chemo. Linda had 4 senior…

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