Concerned neighbors rescue a Scottish Terrier after they find him with wounds and dehydration at his owner’s home in Columbia County, Wisconsin. The elderly 93-year-old owner dies in his garden from a combination of cardiovascular disease and heatstroke.

Robbie, his loving terrier, faithfully stays by his fur parent’s side watching over his owner for three days. Robbie, also elderly at 14 years old, never budges despite having no food or water. Furthermore, the loyal dog risks heat exposure from the sun’s harsh rays. Unfortunately, the dog did suffer two raw sunburnt spots on his back from the ordeal.

Susan Jacoby, the Scottish Terrier’s foster mom, was dumbfounded when she heard Robbie’s story of loyalty.

She describes him as a “survivor” and a “fighter.” Indeed, Robbie proves how tough he truly is when it counts. And, it seems he fully intends to make the most out of his life.

Since the pooch came into Susan’s care, his open sores have healed, and he’s properly nourished and hydrated once more.

Because of his advanced age, Robbie is no longer an energetic canine. The dog still likes playing with toys, but he no longer enjoys taking long walks.

Instead, he prefers sitting in the yard and merely observing people and other animals walking by, or taking a relaxing nap in his human’s lap.

Hence, Susan says the Scottish Terrier will be perfect for a fur parent who is looking for a calm, quiet dog with low energy.

Robbie also needs to find a forever home soon. It would be nice if he can spend his twilight years in a place where he is comfortable and, most importantly, unconditionally loved.

Watch the Scottish Terrier by his foster mom Susan’s side in the video below:

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube


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