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It’s just another unexciting cold day for workers arriving at the Sindi dam on the Parnu river in Estonia. However, that all changed when they noticed something unusual in the freezing waters. After moving closer to get a better look, they realized it I was a dog trapped and struggling in the icy water.

So they did what any caring individuals would do, and that is not hesitating to help the animal. Even though it meant they would be jeopardizing their own lives. The men rushed to where the dog was trapped and freed it from possibly drowning. They quickly provided what first aid they could before deciding to take the animal to the medical care center.

Later, as the workers waited for an update, the center’s personnel told them that they had saved a wolf. The three workers were stunned and amazed. While they did get a little post fright, the group still felt proud of their efforts.

According to reports by the BBC, when the workers brought in the dog, the vets were immediately suspicious. Out of precaution, they still needed to make sure of exactly what they were treating. A local hunter confirmed that the ‘dog’ was indeed a wolf and everyone were equally surprised.

A few hours after the incident, the Estonian Animal Protection Union took to Facebook confirming the details of the rescue mission. The EAPU also took responsibility for the medical bills claiming they would take care of it as soon as they reached the medical center.

This incredible incident is most certainly an act of heroism on the part of the workers. It surely proves that being a hero is as simple as making the right choice. And, it is aptly summed up by the quote from everyone’s favorite superhero, Batman.

The quote is something like this, “a hero can be anyone, such as a man doing something as simple as putting his coat around a little boy’s shoulders to let him know the world hadn’t ended.”

Or, in this instance, it’s a group of surprised rescuers who unknowingly saved a wolf that made them heroes to everyone who loves animals.


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