At a veterinary office in South Korea, there’s an extraordinary manager. This manager’s name is Bbidol, and they call him Manager Bi. However, he’s not a person because Bbidol is a small dog. Furthermore, the dog works at a veterinarian’s office is in the city of Seoul.

Bbidol is primarily in charge of a few things. Aside from acting cute, he welcomes new patients. He’s also able to check outpatients. Lastly, he helps surgery patients recover by being there for them. Bbidol’s role is very vital for all the dogs having treatment there.

Also, the busy dog lives a double life. After work, he returns to a rural area to rest and relax. On his way home, Bbidol likes to walk on the country road. The walking is why he needs a bath to clean his paws when he arrives back home.

Coming home from work is tiring, so little Manager Bbi takes time to sleep. When he wakes up, he receives a greeting gift. It’s a hardboiled egg.

Afterwhile, after playing with his toy, it’s time to go outside for another activity. It’s time for picking cherry tomatoes. Before going out, he needs to wear a unique cape made of a black plastic bag. Sometimes he wears a white one too.

The plastic cape acts as both a raincoat and a dress for going to the garden. It’s safe to say that the stress from the urban area gets reduced with agricultural activities like this one. One of the veterinary staff gives Bbidol a cherry tomato, and he gladly eats it.

The cherry tomato is Bbidol’s favorite snack. After eating a few, he looks like he’s wearing a lip tint. It’s an adorable sight.

The next day, Manager Bbi is ready for another day of work. The dog life is a fantastic lifestyle that can only be possible under specific circumstances. Bbidol is such a lucky dog, and his owners are fortunate having him there managing the dogs welfare.

The original story is by SBS TV via YouTube.


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