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There is a time from our past that when someone sees a dog wearing clothes, it causes laughter or merely is inconceivable. However, evolution made that rarely seen image a common sight these days. Although still provoking a laugh, the novelty of dog apparel and its appeal never gets old.

One apparent reason for its appeal is because it makes us smile or laugh no matter how many times we see it. Another reason is that it satisfies a whimsical urge that pleases us. Possibly the most appealing is a sentimental reason. Thus, we immortalize our joyous images by photographing and filming videos to share with family and friends forever.

Also, another reason for its appeal is because we justify its use by its functionality. It is a status symbol or a simple sign of affection for our beloved dogs. Some of us find it a necessity for some breeds of dogs. Along with the change came manufacturers and retailers who embrace the concept more and more each day.

For instance, it inspires retailers and costume stores to supply a wide selection of dog apparel brands that benefits everyone. Whether it be Labradors, Chihuahuas, or any dog you can imagine, seeing them donning clothes is enjoyable.

Whether it is bow ties, scrunchies, or dresses, they do have a certain appeal and charm to people, especially women. And, many women are known for having a fondness for small breed dogs, such as terriers and Chihuahuas.

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Also, some of them will stroll right into a dog apparel store and will enjoy shopping for their dogs as much as they enjoy shopping for themselves. Women also love to shower affection on their dogs with garments and accessories that magnify both their looks.

One popular buying choice is big-sized purses. Women find them perfect to use for carrying their small pooches to malls, offices, salons, parties, or on long commutes. It is a proven fact that when anyone shops for dog apparel, they will make choices based on the seasons.

For instance,  if it’s winter, people choose cardigans, pullovers, or sweaters, along with a scarf and booties. If spring or summer is approaching, pet lovers will likely pick frocks, bandanas visor, or hats with sunglasses. And whether its hoodies, sweaters, pajamas, or any item that’s out there, it’s just down the street or a few clicks away.

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Furthermore, restaurants are popping up in places that welcome dogs and cat owners by allowing their pets. And, the associated meal is available for them as well. Haha, the expression “my date was an animal,”  takes on a new meaning.

The point is that it doesn’t matter if dog apparel appeals to you or not; it’s real and it’s here to stay. So, if the world is witnessing a paradigm shift in the fraternity of pet lovers, then let the symbolical wheel of love and affection spin. And let’s hope it stops on the slot that says, “ Go beautify the world, dress up your dogs!”



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