Today we’re going to look another heartwarming story of a dog born with a disability. Some people are so heartless that they refuse to take care of a dog if they found out they are disabled. Meet today’s featured dog, Starfish. Yes, her name is Starfish, and you will soon find out why.

When Starfish was a young puppy, she was left in a cardboard box by the beach. That’s where she was discovered. Her owner had left her behind. To make things worse, Starfish suffers from a condition called flat puppy syndrome. This means she is unable to stand up straight. She looks like a Starfish indeed and since she was also found at the beach, it was an apt name.

The way she moves is similar to swimming on dry land. Starfish was found when she was ten-years-old and brought to the Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter. The veterinarians didn’t like what they saw, aside from her condition, her organs were also squeezed. The vets suggested euthanizing Starfish.

The manager at the shelter isn’t ready to give up the dog just yet. A second opinion from another expert was asked. The second expert suggested that the syndrome just might be a late development of the muscles and it’s curable.

Even if Starfish had a disability, there was still someone willing to give the dog a home. A woman from California named Lean Gray was kind enough to take Starfish in. She said she fell in love with the dog the first time she saw her.

Starfish had undergone therapy to fix her condition. She was able to walk nearly upright after several therapy sessions. At first, it was aided with rubber bands and the help of her owner, but soon she learned to walk on her own. For more info on this dog’s story go and watch the video below.

Video courtesy of BlueGum via YouTube 

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