Ttoksoon is one smart dog. She proves it by helping her owner in her business. When the shop gets so busy, Ttoksoon steps in.

Ttoksoon is often seen in her mother’s shop because her mom relies on her to do specific tasks. Ttoksoon, a Golden Retriever, delivers for the business daily.

She will deliver anything her mom asks her to do. She will even go to any shop her mother directs her to go. That’s another impressive quality about Ttoksson. She is familiar with all the shops in the area, which makes her an ideal delivery girl.

Ttoksson also has impressive self-discipline. When she is asked to deliver food, she never gets tempted to eat them. All of her deliveries reach the recipient intact.

All the shop owners know Ttoksson and what she can do. They also ask her to run some errands for them. She enjoys what she does, so she never complains when asked to deliver from one shop to the next.

Ttoksson is also very reliable regarding money. When she goes into a shop, she never leaves it until she gets the change. Ttoksson is all the delivery girl you would ever need for your errands.

With Ttoksson’s busy day, she does not forget to stop for breaks. When she does, people offer her snacks. Getting treats is Ttoksson’s favorite part of the day.

She knows that people are offering her snacks and treats because of how amazing she is as their delivery dog. Their way of showing their appreciation is by feeding her what she loves.

Ttoksson loves her job and is satisfied with her compensation. She is one smart dog who is fulfilling her purpose in life. The people surrounding Ttoksson genuinely are lucky having such a perfect delivery dog.

Source SBS TV via YouTube


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