Elijah and Aubrey are tremendously proud of their two rescue pets, Lando, a black-and-white dog, and his brother at heart, Michael, a white rat. The couple loves showing off their animals and talking about them.

And honestly, who can blame the fur parents? It’s not every day one sees a fairly big dog and a minuscule rat that are best of friends. Besides, after everything Lando and Michael go through, they do deserve all the love and attention.

Image credit: the_trash_brothers_ on Instagram

The dog and the rat are from different places, but they have one thing in common—they are both unwanted. Michael is from a pet shop as a feeder rat, but a snake he is fed to refuses to consume him. Furthermore, the owner didn’t trust Michael around their dogs because of his biting behavior.

So, there was nothing left to do but get rid of him. Lando, on the other hand, is from five or six different homes previously. The unequipped owners can’t handle the anxious dog’s behavior, which causes them to return him to the shelter.

The canine is re-homed so many times that the shelter workers keep asking Elijah and Aubrey if they are a hundred percent certain that they still want Lando. After all, they don’t want the canine adjusting to yet another new environment only to go back after a few weeks.

Fortunately, Elijah and Aubrey’s home is the best place for the dog. Amazingly, nobody would imagine it ever happening. But, Michael is instrumental in helping Lando with his anxiety. The rat is not only the dog’s best buddy, but he’s also Lando’s security blanket. Aubrey says Michael, in his little way, teaches Lando how to control his mood and anxiety.

And Michael is not the “mean” rat his former owner says of him. He’s well-behaved, and he loves his canine brother and their human parents a lot. The four of them enjoy cuddling and kissing each other—it’s a heartwarming sight!

Watch the Trash Brothers—the name that is given to them for being outcasts —in the video below:

Source: The Dodo on YouTube


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